PDAC 2015: Foreign exchanges pitching Canadian companies to list abroad

The London Stock Exchange Group Plc logo sits on display inside the exchange in London, U.K.

TORONTO – It’s not a secret that the metals and mining sector finds it difficult to draw in capital in recent years as commodity prices weakened in the wake from the boom period and financial crisis. The resulting dry spell in IPOs has pressured both early-stage companies and Canadian leaders on the global mining stage.

But the downturn hasn’t stopped foreign exchanges from trying to attract Canadian companies.

“It’s not the simplest market right now in which to raise investment capital,” said Alexander Lehmann, head of Americas for Primary Markets in the London Stock Exchange Group.

A leader within the metals and mining space, LSE boasts accessibility deepest pool of international capital in the world.

Mr. Lehmann, who was in Toronto on Tuesday pitching PDAC attendees on why companies should list around the LSE, noted those of the 170 Americas-based companies listed on LSE platforms, only 21 are Canadian. Of those, 11 are on the AIM, that is focused on small , medium-sized names. So it’s clear that there\’s plenty of chance of growth from Canada.

In addition to providing access to European, Asian, Middle East and African markets, Mr. Lehmann emphasized LSE’s proven amounts of sustained liquidity, the quality of its advisory community, its breadth of sell-side research coverage, and also the choice of market available for companies of various sizes and stages.


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