Happy 25th birthday, ETFs. Here’s a new screening tool

ETFs celebrate a birthday this month. Canada was the birthplace of this investment vehicle 25 years ago.

The global exchange-traded-fund market is fast approaching the US$3-trillion mark, which speaks to the undeniable relevance from the space, but it\’s taking some time in Canada for that industry’s growth curve to get even though the country was the birthplace of the investment vehicle Twenty five years ago this month.

But the arrival of several new entrants in recent years, and a significant product ramp-up to come, means the outlook is as bright as always.

ETFs are highly versatile as well as their potential applications are plenty of. The arrival of new players on the scene – such as ETF strategists and robo-advisers – only expands the means and ways of incorporating such funds in your portfolios and investment opportunities.

If you are looking to keep track of what is going on, whether you utilize an adviser or invest through a discount brokerage, you will need to access something that helps you slice and dice the many ETF choices on offer.


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