Single country ETFs from Kazakhstan to Qatar multiply but pricing, currency risks bear watching

Dozens more ETFs - including one aimed at Kazakhstan - are in registration with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

NEW YORK – U.S. investors seeking to make a bet on companies in Kazakhstan or Qatar are becoming help from an exchange-traded funds industry that\’s increasingly adding single-country ETFs to their offerings.

Some 30 new single-country ETFs found market last year focusing on markets which range from the United Arab Emirates to South Korea and China. Which brings the total to 202 single-country ETFs with $97.2 billion assets in the United States, more than double the amount number of funds that existed 5 years ago. Dozens more – including one targeted at Kazakhstan – are in registration using the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Darshan Bhatt, chief investment officer of Jersey City, New Jersey-based Glovista Investments LLC, which manages about US$1.1 billion, picked Vietnam like a good place to take a position, based on its growth potential. This past year, Bhatt bought shares in the Market Vectors Vietnam ETF.


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