When your offence is tired and your defence flabby, you’d better have a good goalie

These days investors will find it hard to strike that nice balance of defence and offence to win consistently.

Like a lot of middle-aged guys who once flattered themselves they could play hockey, I still get out once in a while to sweat profusely and obtain in the way of better players.

I\’m a \”natural\” defenceman (by natural, I am talking about old and fat), but when in a while I\’m forced to play forward because so few of my teammates show up. It isn\’t pretty – my plus/minus makes Phil Kessel seem like a two-way forward – but I do my bit.

After all, no team are able to afford to ignore either offence or defence. Ideally, both contribute.

Sure, defencemen are meant to prevent the other team from scoring, however they are also supposed to score every now and then – a pleasant balance of goals and safety. Forwards score, however they are supposed to backcheck, too. Too little contribution from either offence or defence, and you lose. Kind of like the Toronto Maple Leafs nowadays.


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